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Gradus PVC-u Sheet
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05 August 2017


Forming part of Gradus Wall Protection Systems, the SureProtect PVC-u sheet offer provides a durable, defensive layer that has been designed to protect large surface areas from scuffs, scrapes and impact damage. It delivers a cost effective way to reduce the need to repair and repaint wall and door surfaces, and optimises the appearance retention of the building interior.

Wall and door cladding is commonly specified in environments exposed to high levels of pedestrian traffic such as corridors and circulation areas, receptions, canteens, classrooms and waiting areas. It is ideal for use in a wide range of markets including healthcare, education, commercial office and leisure.

Lynette Bowden, Group Product Manager for Gradus, states; “Our new PVC-u sheet offer incorporates new colours, finishes and styles. It provides functional solutions with aesthetic appeal for most interior protection requirements, and offers specifiers and contractors a wide range of options.”

SureProtect is available in 3 options: Endure – a textured sheet available in 34 plain colours; Design – wood, composite and metal finishes plus bespoke prints to accommodate interior design themes; and Pure – a smooth, easy-to-clean sheet designed to provide a hygienic finish. A versatile option, selected sheet can be cut or formed into rubrails, kickplates and pushplates, door edge and frame profiles and also corner protectors.

SureProtect sheet can be used as a stand-alone product or can be combined with other Gradus Wall Protection products such as wall guards and corner guards to create a comprehensive protection system. The full wall protection product range is detailed on and in the downloadable Gradus Wall Protection Systems brochure, which can also be requested as a printed copy.

For product advice or to order samples and brochures please contact Gradus Technical Support on 01625 428922.

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