Gradus Supply Stair Edgings at Premier Inn

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26 August 2016


With over 700 hotels in the UK, Premier Inn is the largest hotel chain in the country and according to the ‘Which? Hotel Report 2015’ is the UK’s top-rated hotel chain, scoring top marks for value for money and customer satisfaction.

Premier Inn is currently renovating several of its hotels and is choosing to install Gradus’ RXT521 double channel PVC hardnose stair edging in its properties.

RXT521 stair edging comprises a PVC-u channel and riser, providing an all-round visual contrast for guests ascending and descending stairs. The insert extends around the leading edge of the profile to ensure that foot contact is always made with the slip-resistant element of the stair edging. As such, the profile ensures one of the safest solutions available.

Sarah Simpson, Head of Product Development for Premier Inn, said: “As the largest hotel chain in the UK, we have large volumes of guests and staff using the stairs in our premises every day, so ensuring we work with a supplier like Gradus is really important.”

Anthony Roberts, Product Marketing Manager at Gradus, said: “Our RXT521 stair edging provides visual contrast for users ascending and descending stairs. The wrap around design also ensures maximum contact with the slip resistant insert. Combined, the profile provides a safe solution to all users whilst providing extra durability to the step edge. The Premier Inn in Sheffield City Centre, Angel Street is just one of many examples where our work can be seen.”  

For further information on the full range of floorcoverings and accessories available from Gradus, please contact 01625 428922 or visit

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