Gradus Supplies Carpets to Mitsui & Co.

Gradus, Mitsui building
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15 July 2015


Mitsui & Co. Europe PLC, which trades in the investment of commodities such as metals, machinery, plastics, and textiles, selected a range of Gradus carpets for the refurbishment of their office on St. Martin’s Le Grand, London.

The company used Gradus’ bespoke floor plan design service to help create a functional and attractive working environment.

Various Gradus carpets were installed throughout their head office, including Times Square which was installed in a selection of colours on the 8th floor.  Grey was selected as a base colour for use in the circulation areas with Red and Light Blue being used to complement the grey and to highlight specific areas.

On the 9th floor, shades of beige and brown from the SqMile, Wall Street and Wall Street Stripes ranges were installed alongside Times Square, helping to differentiate various zones, such as meeting rooms, offices, corridors and lounge areas.  Gradus offers a wide choice of carpet ranges, which coordinate and work well together and can therefore be used to differentiate different zones of a building or to create a unique design statement.

Joseph Bond from Mitsui & Co. Europe PLC said: “With this refurbishment project we wanted to give our offices a fresh look. We are really pleased with the products installed as they are both stylish and hardwearing.  Gradus’ floor plan design service helped us to create a welcoming and attractive, yet functional working environment.”

Karen Burman, Product Manager for Gradus, adds: “Our carpets are an excellent choice for busy office environments as they excel in terms of functionality, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.  The carpet ranges installed at Mitsui & Co. Europe work well together to help to differentiate different areas of the building whilst creating a bespoke design scheme.

Gradus supplies a wide range of carpets and accessories to suit a variety of applications. For further information contact 01625 428922 or visit

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