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05 March 2014


According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slip, trip and fall accidents are the most common hazard in public and commercial buildings and are responsible for more than half of all reported injuries to the general public.

With a continuously ageing population, it is therefore vital that building owners, specifiers and contractors specify and install fit-for-purpose flooring accessories in order to adhere to guidelines in Approved Documents M (ADM) and K (ADK) of The Building Regulations 2010, BS 8300:2009+A1:2010 and BS 9266:2013 in line with the Equality Act 2010.

The Gradus discussion paper, available to download from, is designed to provide customers with advice and guidance, and discusses how stair edgings, floor trims and barrier matting can be utilised to improve public building inclusivity and accessibility.

Author of the discussion paper and Technical Director for Gradus Keith Oakes comments: “Correctly specified flooring and accessories can play a vital role in helping to make public and commercial buildings safer and accommodate the needs of everyone, including the elderly and less able-bodied.

“This discussion paper provides a useful guide to help customers when specifying flooring and accessories in a range of buildings, from retail outlets and shopping centres to libraries and hospitals.”

To download a copy of the ‘Flooring accessories in public buildings’ discussion paper, please visit

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