Gradus Makes An Entrance At Viables Business Park

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18 September 2014


Viables Business Park is a prime out-of-town destination in the South East. Located in Basingstoke, 45 miles south west of London, it is occupied by several well-known businesses.

The main building at the site services several companies and experiences heavy footfall on a daily basis, it is therefore important that it is a safe and welcoming environment for staff and visitors.

Esplanade 8000 from Gradus has been installed as primary barrier matting in the main reception. The matting significantly reduces the amount of dirt and moisture being tracked into the building at Viables, helping to minimise the risk of ‘slips and falls’ caused by wet flooring.

Removing dirt at the point of entry to the building also helps to enhance the appearance of the entrance, and protect adjacent floorcoverings, making it a particularly cost effective way of reducing long-term cleaning and maintenance costs.

Esplanade 8000 is suitable for use in the most demanding environments. The matting system comprises silver anodised aluminium scrapers and rigid PVC-u carriers, joined together using stainless steel threaded bars. The mat incorporates either, heavy duty carpet wipers made from 100% solution dyed nylon (in a choice of three colours – Orca, Shark and Marlin), for extremely effective moisture dirt removal or black PVC wipers for scraping off dirt.

Rigorously tested to ensure suitability for use in both interior and exterior environments, Esplanade 8000 achieves a low risk of slip using the Health and Safety Laboratory ramp test for slip-resistance.

Lee Howells, site manager at Oakmont Construction, comments: “A significant proportion of footfall at Viables Business Park passes through the main reception so it is important that the entrance is as safe as possible. We chose Esplanade 8000 from Gradus as it helps to reduce slips and falls, whilst also helping to maintain the appearance of other flooring surfaces within the building.”

Lynette Bowden, Marketing Projects Manager for Gradus, adds: “Esplanade 8000 is an incredibly durable matting system ideal for commercial applications like Viables Business Park, where a heavy duty solution is required.

“In addition it can be manufactured to most shapes and sizes as well as being available on the Gradus five-day manufacturing service.”

Gradus Esplanade 8000 is available in either open or closed construction and in two thicknesses (12mm or 18mm). For further information on the full range of floorcoverings and accessories available from Gradus, please contact 01625 428922 or visit

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