Gradus Launches New Stair Edging BIM Objects

Gradus Launches New Stair Edging BIM Objects
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03 September 2016


In line with the UK Government’s BIM mandate, Gradus has now launched BIM objects for the entire range of XT Aluminium and XT PVC-u Hardnose stair edgings, complete with side trims.

Anthony Roberts, Marketing Product Manager at Gradus, said: “Our BIM objects offer up-to-date and accurate data about products, providing users with the relevant technical information to build into their projects.

“We are excited to have extended our BIM offering to include the XT range of stair edgings. The progressive global adoption of BIM and the subsequent increase in sharable information makes it simpler for international users to understand the product rationale and the way in which it interrelates with the building and other products. These objects will assist with initial specification and building life cycle management.”

“We feel it is important to develop objects that can support specifiers and help to improve efficiencies in the construction industry, and plan to provide our customers with even more BIM objects in the future.”

Gradus’ new BIM objects, their leading XT stair edgings and side trims, provide specifiers with a comprehensive range of profiles to enable the optimum specification. It’s possible to choose the shape of the stair edging to match the step design, an insert to best suit the environment from a wide choice of colours and a matching side trim. All of these options come to life in your design and are further supported by additional product information, such as warranty information, floor covering advice and where to find installation information, in the supporting data file.

BIM is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of products and places. BIM objects are files that can be extracted or networked to support decision-making regarding a building or other built asset.

Gradus’ BIM objects can be downloaded free of charge via the Gradus website , BIMSTORE and Barbour Product Search.

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