Gradus Fabrics & Morada Announcement

07 July 2010

The Gradus Fabrics brand will be managed by Morada Home Ltd.

Morada have an impressive heritage and has been in home furnishings and contract fabrics for over a century.

Today Morada Contract has a successful business including a knowledgeable track record in PFI and Government contracts.

Gradus will continue to partner with Morada offering the opportunity to end users to continue to specify the Contract Interior Solutions package, including Gradus Fabrics. Hence, the sales and marketing effort will be undertaken by Morada. This should include the introduction of new contract fabric ranges to work hand in hand with the successful existing collections such as Finesse, Avebury, Serenity and Valesse.

It, therefore, continues to be business as usual with the well known contact number of 0845 6021023.

Soozie Bloomfield will remain the Gradus Fabrics contact and is delighted to inform you to call up and see for yourself.

Gradus Fabrics will be represented by the National Sales Manager Karen Riley, her contact details are as follows.
Email:  Mobile: 07814 679 789.

It’s business as usual, once again!

Steve Watt
Gradus Limited

Anthony Stennett
Morada Home Limited

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