Gradus’ Super Matting Solution for Newport’s New Morrisons Supermarket

Morrisons Supermarket - Newport
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23 January 2012

The 30,000 sq ft Newport store offers an extensive range of goods and services including a customer café, customer toilets and shopper's car park.

Gradus’ Esplanade 1500 primary barrier matting in closed construction with Boulevard 1500 polypropylene wipers in Tempestas (black) was installed in all three entrances to the store, in order to prevent dirt and moisture from being carried into the building by foot and wheeled traffic.

Barrier matting can reduce the amount of dirt and moisture carried into a building by up to 90%, thus helping to reduce the risk of slip accidents that are caused by wet flooring, protect the appearance and prolong the lifecycle of adjacent floorcoverings and reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

Keith Atkinson, Senior Construction Project Manager for Morrisons Newport, said: “Gradus’ Esplanade 1500 primary barrier matting was specified for the new Morrisons supermarket in Newport as it improves safety by reducing the risk of slip accidents and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. We are all very happy with the finished result.”

Rachael Robertson, Product Manager for Gradus, said: “A well-specified matting system will not only increase public safety and prolong the lifecycle of surrounding floorcoverings, but will also enhance the appearance of a shop’s entrance, creating a clean, smart and welcoming first impression.

“Esplanade 1500 can be specified in closed, open or scraper construction and is a durable yet low-maintenance matting system ideal for a variety of internal applications subject to medium to heavy foot and trolley traffic such as shopping centres, high street shops, schools and offices.”

Gradus offers barrier matting systems that can be installed in interior and exterior environments to provide the optimum systematic approach, whilst enhancing the appearance and performance of surrounding floor finishes.

For further information on the full range of barrier matting systems available from Gradus, please contact 01625 428922 or visit 

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