20 April 2004

Stand-alone Nuffield Health Screening Centres, a new concept from Nuffield Hospitals, are integrating interior finishes from Gradus to establish a vibrant and professional ambiance for the recently launched healthcare environments.

A new development, the first two Nuffield Health Screening Centres have opened in Edinburgh and Manchester and are part of a planned nationwide roll out comprising of 15. Situated on business parks to primarily meet the needs of corporate customers whilst, at the same time making healthcare more integral to people´s everyday lives, a combined package of Gradus carpets, entrance matting, soft furnishings and upholstery and transition strips from the flooring accessory range was selected.

An approved supplier of Gradus Carpet for a number of years, Nuffield Hospitals employed the Gradus Portfolio concept for the stand-alone centres to benefit from a centralised supply point and a specification based on high quality and performance. Hope Studios was responsible for developing the colour and design schemes throughout the centres and combined Gradus product ranges to create a positive and up beat ambiance in reception areas and consulting rooms.

For the Manchester unit, Gradus Firecracker carpet in Candle Glow (burnt orange with subtle highlights in plum and sage green) was blended with Gradus Hazelmere upholstery fabric, selecting the Milland design in two colours - Milland Paprika (deep orange) and Milland Monarch (soft cherry) to co-ordinate on occasional chairs.

The specification of the Gradus Firecracker carpet tile range also met the individual requirements of the Manchester facility that includes raised access panels within the flooring, and the premium tile product provided a cost effective design solution without incurring expensive sub-floor preparation.

The project team led by Ty Platten, Network Development Manager of Nuffield Health Screening Centres, wanted a soft furnishing product that could offer double-sided visuals for cubicles and Gradus Stateside, a polyester fabric that offers duplex prints was selected. Stateside consists of a contemporary combination of stripes highlighted by a block floral and was chosen in shades of Fuchsia, Rusts and Deep Yellow to bring both cubicles and windows to life.

Commenting on the new concept, Ty Platten said: " The stand alone units are a departure from our traditional health screening facility, usually available in our hospitals and will provide a major growth opportunity for Nuffield Hospitals in the future. Today´s client is busy and time pressured and like any other market, healthcare has to compete against all other lifestyle demands. As a result, we need to make our health screening centres integral to people´s lives by making them as friendly, enjoyable and convenient as possible. Creating colourful and up-beat interior schemes is one way that we have chosen to upgrade the clients health screening experience".

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