22 August 2003

In partnership with its sister company Decor Fabrications, Gradus has launched three new products to extend its LED lighting systems for the ultimate in lighting applications.

Continuity LED Lighting, Interlok LED Wall Light and LED Bulbs have all been developed to improve the quality of lighting in dimly lit environments, such as auditoria. The new additions will further complement the existing LED lighting range and the company’s bespoke capacity to illuminate the more unusual from; glass floors and building facades to beds or railway sleepers.

Launched this September, Continuity LED Lighting will lead the way; be it on cinema steps or in nightclubs or restaurants. Developed utilising an end-illuminated acrylic rod system, Continuity LED Lighting incorporates reflective material to project the light forward. As a result, the design offers a continuous light effect but a softer alternative to standard step and aisles LED lighting. A low voltage solution (12V or 24V), it provides low power consumption and a cost effective, long life and low maintenance solution.

Interlok LED Wall Light complements Continuity with its soft and safe illumination of auditoria entrances and exits, acting as a high quality, way-finding mechanism that does not detract from the main function of the environment. Available in a range of different colours, LED spacing and variety of heights it ensures numerous light effects can be created.

Completing the new offering, the Gradus LED bulb has been developed as a direct replacement to standard auditoria ceiling bulbs. Following research into the specific needs of leisure environments, Gradus had developed a bulb that helps to reduce labour costs and risks associated with frequent changing of light bulbs in high risk areas.

Gradus Accessories is part of the Gradus Group, one of the leading contract interior finishes company in the UK. In addition to lighting, Gradus manufactures floor and wall accessories, entrance matting, carpets and soft furnishings and upholstery fabrics.

For further information please log onto or telephone 0161 428922.

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