Meet The Requirements Of BS8300:2009 With Gradus XT Stair Edgings

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15 July 2009

BS8300:2009, which supersedes BS8300:2001, provides updated guidance on how buildings can meet the needs of disabled people and includes new recommendations for the slip-resistance, colour contrast and profile dimensions of stair edgings. The standard recommends that stair edgings should incorporate a permanent slip-resistant material, as close to the front edge as possible, in a single solid band of colour across the full width of the stair that contrasts visually with the remainder of the step to assist blind or partially sighted people. The standard also suggests that stair edgings should wrap around the riser and measure 50mm to 65mm on the tread and 30mm to 55mm on the riser. Gradus’ XT range of stair edgings features a slip-resistant pvc insert that extends around the leading edge of the step to ensure optimum foot contact with the slip-resistant element, plus all Gradus stair edging colours carry Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) measured in line with BS8493:2008, which specifiers can use to ensure suitable colour contrast with adjacent floorcoverings. For even greater slip-resistance, Gradus also supplies Xtra-grip and Xtra-grip Plus inserts for use with the XT range, which incorporate mineral aggregate for increased surface roughness that aids slip-resistance in both dry and wet interior conditions. Says Gradus Technical Director Keith Oakes: “Our XT range is the only two-part stair edging system that meets the requirements of the revised standard, plus it offers superior protection against the risk of slips, trips and falls. By selecting XT with any of our slip-resistant inserts, specifiers and contractors can have peace of mind that staircases are safe, accessible and contributing to the provision of inclusive environments, in line with the Disability Discrimination Act.” Suitable for use on the most popular step shapes including square, rake back and bullnose, the XT range offers a choice of aluminium and PVC-u Hardnose profiles, with 55mm treads and both 55mm and 40mm risers. Channels and inserts are available in 11 colours, which can be matched to provide a single solid band of colour. For further information on the full range of stair edgings available from Gradus including XT and Xtra-grip inserts, call Gradus Customer Support on 01625 428922 or visit

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