Gradus Takes Industry Lead with New BRE Ratings

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13 November 2009

Gradus’ market-leading carpet ranges have achieved the highest environmental ratings of ‘A+’ and ‘A’ from BRE Global, using the updated Environmental Profiles methodology that grades a flooring’s environmental performance in different building types.

Gradus is one of the first flooring manufacturers to use the new 2008 BRE Global Environmental Profiles Methodology, which recognises that flooring mass, maintenance regimes and replacement cycles will vary between healthcare, education and retail buildings for example, and that this impacts on a flooring’s environmental performance.

The BRE Global methodology assesses the environmental impact of building products over their full lifecycle, taking into account their extraction, processing, use, maintenance and eventual disposal.  The Green Guide ratings range from A+, the best environmental performance and least environmental impact, to E, the worst performance and highest impact.

More and more specifers are demanding flooring with high Green Guide ratings, as this equates to more credits in BRE’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), which provides environmental performance labels for buildings.

All new-build government office buildings and schools must now carry BREEAM labels, which means specifiers are looking for flooring with high Green Guide ratings that will contribute to a building’s overall score.

Says Keith Oakes, Technical Director for Gradus: “Our tile, broadloom and impervious carpet ranges now carry Green Guide ratings for installation in education, healthcare, retail, office or multi-residential domestic buildings, such as care homes and university accommodation. For example, our Genus tile range has an A+ rating for office, health, education and multi-residential domestic.

“The ratings are a strong selling tool for flooring contractors, especially in the schools market, where BREEAM labels are now compulsory for new buildings, including those under construction as part of the Building Schools for the Future programme.

“Gradus carpets already have a proven track record and longstanding reputation for quality, durability and performance. The Green Guide ratings provide independent confirmation of another exceptional feature – their environmental performance and ability to reduce the environmental impact of a building, when compared to other soft floor coverings.”

Victoria Blake of BRE adds: “Over 40 companies have been certified to the BRE Global Environmental Profiles Certification Scheme and have achieved Green Guide to Specification ratings. Gradus is one of the first flooring manufacturers to be certified through the updated Environmental Profiles Methodology.  We recognised that flooring installed in various different building types, such as healthcare for example, would be subject to more frequent cleaning and maintenance.  This also means it has to be durable enough to withstand such treatment without requiring frequent replacement; this differs to a domestic environment, where cleaning and maintenance regimes are different.

“Many building developers use floor finishes to gain additional BREEAM credits, so Gradus and other clients who have achieved certification often promote products that carry high Green Guide to Specification ratings, as this makes it easier for specifiers to select products that can achieve these credits.”

The following Gradus carpet ranges now carry BRE ratings: Bodega, Boulevard 6000, Freeway, Genus, Latour, Pacific, Predator, Sahara, Square Mile, Syrah and Volnay.

All Gradus carpets with BRE Green Guide ratings are featured on the BRE’s Green Booklive website; a one-stop-shop database that helps specifiers to select products that are certified and which aid in reducing the environmental impact of a building.

For further information on the full range of Gradus carpets with BRE Green Guide ratings, contact Gradus Customer Support on 01625 428922 or visit

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