26 September 2007

Through an exclusive partnership with Japanese flooring manufacturer TOLI, floorcoverings specialist Gradus is bringing fresh ideas to the UK contract market, with the introduction of a new range of loose lay vinyl, offering ease of installation, dimensional stability and superior aesthetics.

The new LL300 range of tiles and planks is the latest addition to Gradus’ growing collection of floorcovering solutions, which offers a wide range of carpets, including broadloom, tiles, random lay, printed and barrier matting, as well as environmentally-friendly cork and wood flooring. TOLI is one of the ten largest commercial floorcoverings manufacturers in the world and this strategic venture reflects the Gradus Group’s commitment to offering its customer base a variety of product solutions.

Designed for heavy traffic areas in retail and commercial premises, the LL300 range is quick and easy to lay, as little or no floor preparation is required. The tiles and planks are simply fitted to the sub-floor with a loose tackifier, generating time and cost savings and minimising disruption for the end-user. Plus, the flooring is easy to lift and move, which means it is ideal for access flooring, while damaged sections can be quickly replaced and floorcoverings designs can be regularly updated in fast-moving retail environments.

The LL300 range has an exceptionally high recycled content of 65%, making it a viable choice for architects and specifiers concerned with sustainability. In addition, annual maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 30%, thanks to the PUR surface treatment, which means the LL300 range is easy to clean and maintain.

The range offers excellent dimensional stability, with no extension or shrinkage under changes in temperature or in high humidity. The flooring’s appearance is retained under pedestrian and wheeled traffic, due to residual indentation levels of just 0.07mm, in line with the requirements of EN433.

Manufactured using an optically advanced decorative print film to create a quality pin-sharp finish, the loose lay tiles are available in 24 different woodgrain, granite and marble effects, while the planks are supplied in 8 realistic wood finishes.

Says Pamela Cairns, Marketing Manager for Gradus Floorcoverings: “Loose lay vinyl flooring is already popular in continental Europe and other international markets, including Japan where the LL300 is made. The commercial trials that we have done here have already proved that this range can be fitted up to three times quicker than other flooring materials and the results look superb.”

As well as an industry-leading fire rating, the range has excellent antistatic properties and good edges to facilitate perfect seaming. Its above average thickness provides a seamless join with carpet tiles, making it an effective complement to carpet and barrier matting systems and a strong choice for walkways located alongside carpeted displays or for office break-out areas.

Benoit Vandewalle, Head of European Marketing at TOLI, adds: “We are delighted to work with Gradus to open up the UK contracts market for loose lay vinyl. These products are perfect for a range of applications, including shops, bars, hotels and airports; in fact anywhere where ease of installation and minimum disruption are important.”

Alongside floorcoverings, the Gradus Group supplies a comprehensive range of products for commercial interiors, including flooring accessories, wall protection, lighting and fabrics.

For further information, product literature or samples of the new TOLI LL300 range, contact Gradus Customer Service on 01625 428922 or log on to HYPERLINK "" to find out more.

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