23 September 2005

Gradus Carpets has revised the colour palette of three of its premium Marquesa ranges, Genus, Volnay and Pacific, offering specifiers and contractors a colour solution to complement any interior design scheme.

Gradus has introduced nineteen new colours to the established Genus range to offer a complete spectrum of 32 shades, including earthy tones such as Wild Mushroom, Indian Glow and Chocolate, through to Summer Pink, Simply Sapphire and Cool Lime, each designed to complement colours in the Volnay range.

A further seven colours have been introduced to the Volnay range, including vibrant shades such as Honey Gold, Fuchsia and Azurite Blue. The range now has a total of 12 subtly blended, single colour tones, designed to co-ordinate with colours in the Genus range.

The three new colours introduced into the Pacific Ultracare range offer the subtle shades of Soft Jade, Blush and Steel. The new additions bring the colour offering to 18 vibrant patterns in this range of defined patterned tones.

The re-colouration of these stylish, yet functional cut pile ranges, follows extensive colour trend research within the industry, including careful consultation with key clients in order to meet customer demand for the very latest trends.

To complement the new carpet ranges, premium Marquesa ‘spectrum boards’ have also been produced, showcasing the core products of Genus, Volnay and Pacific by colour rather than range. The set of eight spectrum boards have been specially designed as a presentation tool for the Gradus sales team, to make the product more visually appealing to architects, specifiers and interior designers, by combining sample chips of carpet with colour imagery to promote the quality of the carpets and the richness of the colours.

Available in impervious, tile and broadloom formats the Marquesa ranges are market leaders in quality contract flooring for commercial, healthcare and education markets and meet today’s specifications with superb functional qualities in terms of wear, aesthetics and ease of maintenance, carrying comprehensive warranties that cover wear, stain, static and fade resistance.

For further information on the Gradus range log onto or telephone 01625 428922.

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