03 June 2004

Gradus has re-branded its Contract Carpet Collection to offer a stronger positioning for flooring distributors and a more versatile colour and design solution for the flooring contractor.

Launched originally in 1999, the Gradus Contract Carpet Collection now extends to seven ranges and offers the choice of broadloom, tile and 2M impervious carpets. The new re-branding, which comprises of new look packaging and colour palettes, has been implemented to raise the profile of the collection, establish a greater shelf presence and bring the collection in line with today´s contract demands.

The new look packaging has been designed with a strong combination of metallic and aquamarine colours, with each product folder designed with a bespoke, abstract image. The series of striking visuals were ultimately chosen to set the Gradus Contract Collection apart from the competition and offer instant brand recognition.

Re-branding also provided Gradus Carpets with the opportunity to change the colour palettes of two of the Contract Collections most successful ranges, Latour and Predator. The Gradus in-house team freshened up the colour selections and in the case of the Predator range, worked with the yarn manufacturer, Aquafil. Looking at the most popular colours for contract carpet applications, new combinations in blues, greys and greens have been developed.

For the Latour range, three new colours have been introduced. Scafell offers a combination of mottled dark and mid blue tones, Dovedale is mottled dark and light grey and Glencoe brings together dark green with hints of black. Predator has two new colours assigned to the range. Panther is a rich black with midnight blue and aubergine highlights and Shark introduces aquamarine blue with gold highlights.

Commenting on the new re-branding exercise, Julia Berkin, Marketing Manager of Gradus Carpets said: "The Contract Collection is currently worth a substantial proportion of the overall business and therefore it is essential that we continue to support and grow the business. The re-branding exercise has offered us the perfect opportunity to strengthen the carpet brand and update the Contract Collection in terms of its colour and design offering".

For further information on the Gradus Contract Carpet Collection log onto or Telephone 01625 428922.

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