04 December 2006

Gradus Lighting has helped with the expansion and redevelopment of Windsor Hall, within Bournemouth International Centre (BIC). The expansion was part of a £22 million refurbishment programme, which included adding a fourth hall as well as transforming Windsor Hall with the installation of retractable seating to increase the capacity to 4200 seated and up to 7000 capacity seated/standing.

Since opening in 1984, BIC has been one of the most prestigious venues for conferences, exhibitions, entertainment and events. Gradus Lighting was specifically involved in the development of Windsor Hall, which has seen a complete refurbishment of all wall and floor coverings as well as the installation of fifteen rows of retractable seating and balcony, which can now be adapted to meet specific purposes of different events.

Gradus Lighting was tasked with fitting the illuminated stair edgings for the retractable seating and all permanent staircases, ensuring functionality for the hall’s complex layout and coordination with the overall interior design scheme. Paul Haikney, Senior Design Manager for the main contractor Warings, specified Gradus illuminated stair edgings in smoked PVC-u with Amber Interlock Advanced LEDs and Snowdrift (white) slip resistant inserts to define the step edge in both light and dark conditions when ascending and descending the staircase.

The project was undertaken in two phases. First stair edgings, lighting elements and low voltage cables were installed with flexible channels onto the retractable staircase. This meant that the cables would not move when the seating was retracted. Secondly, the mobile units were installed to allow different seating layout configurations to allow the hall’s seating to be adapted for its particular use.

Paul Haikney commented, “The amber lights were specified in particular because they are aesthetically pleasing. It was also important for a colour to be specified which worked well against the blue and black interior. For this complicated job, as well as being easy to install, it was important that all of the products installed met legislative guidelines. Gradus provided drawings and technical details for the products straight away so we could see they conformed to all the necessary regulations. As well as helping with the installation process, at the initial stages this information was shown directly to the client, which helped to speed up the approval process”.

The redevelopment of Windsor Hall not only means that BIC can be more flexible in terms of its event offering, but having a higher capacity also means that the ticket office will see greater financial benefits.

For further information on the full range of products and services offered by Gradus Lighting please log onto or call 01625 428922 for the LED Lighting Systems and Lighting Design Solutions catalogues.

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