Gradus Lays Out New Barrier Matting Catalogue

17 July 2008

Contract interiors specialist Gradus has launched a comprehensive new barrier matting systems catalogue, detailing its extensive range of primary and secondary matting together with the latest specification advice.

The new-look guide opens with reasons to use barrier matting systems and information on the Gradus SystemMatic approach to matting. This section explores the use of primary barrier matting and secondary barrier carpet in different areas throughout a building, to provide an attractive, functional solution, ensuring the effective removal of tracked-in dirt and moisture. Included is a useful floorplan illustration, providing a clear guide on areas where matting would be recommended.

The catalogue then leads on to a helpful product overview, providing specifiers, architects and contractors with an easy-to-understand summary of the full product range. The features, benefits and colour availability of each matting system are then covered in detail within the 36-page brochure, as well as specification information on each product.

Offered in the catalogue is a wide range of matting accessories, to ensure ease of installation. These accessories are available to provide a smooth and safe transition between a barrier mat and the adjoining floorcovering, protecting the edge of the mat from damage and preventing trip accidents caused by uneven flooring.

Service and cleaning and maintenance advice is also included, as well as the latest specification guidelines, in relation to current Building Regulations and British Standards. In addition, there is a useful selection chart, acting as a guideline, in order to help select an appropriate matting system.

By preventing dirt and moisture from being tracked into buildings on pedestrian and wheeled traffic, barrier matting systems can create a safer environment, increase the lifecycle of a building, prevent wear of internal floorcoverings and reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Tracey Welch, Product Manager for Gradus Barrier Matting, comments: “Our new brochure’s user-friendly format and detailed product profiles make it easier for architects, specifier and contractors to make an informed choice. The specification advice also helps customers to benefit from the Gradus SystemMatic approach, which combines primary and secondary matting to provide a high performance matting solution.”

Details of the matting accessories are also included in the new brochure, alongside an explanation of the service options available.

To request a copy of the new Gradus Barrier Matting Systems brochure, please contact 01625 428922.

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