28 February 2004

Allite stair edgings comprise aluminium channels with factory bonded carborundum inserts. Suitable for internal and external use, the heavy-duty range is ideal to meet high performance requirements within locations ranging from railway stations, car parks, airports and sports stadia to factories, petrochemical plants, offshore platforms and warehouses.

Allite profiles can be installed on most substrates including concrete, stone, metal and wood and can be utilised as standard stair edgings or as full tread covers using extender sections. Aesthetics or design needs can also be met with a choice of seven colours for the carborundum inserts.

In addition to Allite, Gradus is also offering Titazel, a slip resistant re-surfacer to further complement the heavy-duty range. A two-part epoxy resin based product, Titazel incorporates abrasive grits for use in interior and exterior situations to provide a slip resistant floor finish. Titazel is supplied in easy-to-install kit format and can be applied to a variety of substrates including concrete, stone, wood and metal. It is ideal for use on ramps, walkways, gantries, plant and machinery and marine decking.

To receive further information about the new Gradus Accessories’ products please contact Gradus Customer Support on 01625 428922.

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