07 June 2006

Gradus matting and flooring accessories have been specified for Anglia Ruskin University as part of a refurbishment project within the Cambridge Campus.

October 2005 saw the beginning of a major renovation of the Coslett Building including matting and flooring, to help modernise the lecture theatres and offices within the building, which hosts the international business school. Gradus played a major part in the re-vamp supplying a range of barrier matting and stair edgings, to provide a more durable floor solution.

The products were installed and specified by contractors Town and Country, who are longstanding users of Gradus products following previous successful installations. The matting used within the refectory prior to the Gradus installation did not absorb enough of the moisture from the students’ feet before entering the main part of the building. As a result, Esplanade Plus primary barrier matting with Shadow (grey) wipers was selected to protect the building from walked in dirt and moisture, whilst still meeting the aesthetic needs of the neutral interior décor.

The durable mat is constructed using an aluminium base supported by rigid PVC bridging strips which are interspaced with 100% solution-dyed nylon wipers, making it ideal for optimum soil and moisture retention.

In the secondary entrance of the Coslett building, which is subject to lower traffic levels, Access matting with Shadow wipers was installed, walking off onto Boulevard 6000 in Shadow. The Boulevard secondary barrier matting is specially designed to have the appearance of a conventional carpet but still perform as a barrier mat, helping to combine functionality with aesthetics and in keeping with the interior design scheme. Again the matting allowed for residual soil to be taken off feet before entering the main part of the building preventing it from being tracked through. The new matting also prevented the adjoining floorcovering from becoming wet, therefore reducing slip accidents.

In keeping with the university’s design scheme, Gradus aluminium stair edgings with slip resistant Steel (light grey) inserts were fitted on the main staircase. They were used to define the step edge, by providing a colour contrast to the dark grey floor-covering helping to prevent trip accidents when ascending or descending the stairs. In addition, the stair edgings help to protect the edges of the floor covering from becoming damaged. Commenting on the installation Ian Huntly, Minor Works Coordinator at the university’s Cambridge Campus said: “We have a high number of people coming through the Coslett building on a daily basis so it was important to protect it from walked in soil and moisture. It was also vital that the products installed were durable to help reduce on-going maintenance and replacement costs for the university as well as co-ordinate with the rest of interior design scheme.”

Gradus Matting is part of the Gradus Group; a leading contract interior finishes company who manufactures a comprehensive range of interior products for a variety of contract markets. Providing end users, designers, specifiers and contractors with a one-stop shop the Gradus offering is made up of flooring accessories, barrier matting, wall protection and lighting, as well as an extensive collection of premium and contract carpet ranges and upholstery and soft furnishing fabrics.

For further information on any Gradus products please contact Gradus on 01625 428922 or log onto

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