03 March 2006

Gradus stair edgings have been installed at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, as part of a £2.5million refurbishment project.

Originally built in 1982, the theatre was in need of modernisation and so a large-scale refurbishment programme was instructed. In a bid to enhance customer enjoyment and safety, the bar and café had a makeover and a complete overhaul of the auditorium was undertaken, including the fitting of new seats, lighting, carpet and control equipment.

Gradus aluminium stair edgings, with pvc slip resistant inserts in Snowdrift (white) were installed on all staircases in the auditorium. Specified by contractors Nicholl Ramsay Ltd., the stair edgings were selected to define the step edge, helping to prevent trip accidents when ascending or descending the stairs and also to help maintain the performance and appearance of the adjoining floor coverings.

During performances, there is limited light in the auditorium, therefore reducing the risk of trips and slips was of extreme importance to the theatre. In addition to defining the step edge, it was imperative that the open sides of the stairs were not exposed. Gradus manufactured welded corners to form a safe, neat and attractive edge around the open end of the step by concealing the edge of the carpet and stair edging, limiting any potential trip and slip accidents.

Commenting on the installation, Mr Nicholls, Managing Director for Nicholl Ramsay Ltd. said: “The Gradus aluminium stair edgings are the best product on the market for the theatre’s requirements. I have used Gradus products in several previous projects and have always been very pleased with their performance.”

“A key consideration for this project was that due to the poor visibility in the auditorium, the stairs needed to be as safe as possible with no sharp edges exposed. To limit the potential danger and accidents that could occur, Gradus provided the ideal solution with the welded corners. The Gradus customer service was excellent as they were able to manufacture a range of products that met the difficult requirements of the theatre.”

For further information on any of the Gradus product range including flooring accessories, matting, wall protection, lighting, carpets and upholstery and soft furnishings fabrics please call Gradus Customer Support on 01625 428922 or log onto

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