22 February 2006

A range of Gradus Matting and Lighting products have been installed in the MediCinema at St Thomas’ Hospital, London to en/phance safety benefits and create a cinema experience for patients.

The hospital prides itself in having the first MediCinema in the UK, a state-of-the art cinema to entertain and enrich the quality of life for patients, funded by the MediCinema registered charity, with the support of the health sector and the film industry.

As part of a refurbishment to meet the safety needs of the patients and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the cinema, the charity specified Gradus products for all the barrier matting and lighting requirements. Gradus Boulevard 6000 matting was installed in Indigo, between both door thresholds in the lobby, to ensure safe and easy access for wheel chairs and beds onto the carpeted flooring of the MediCinema, while still complementing the blue interior décor.

Boulevard 6000 is manufactured from 100% solution-dyed nylon, making it resistant to bleach solutions for ease of cleaning. As a high performance, stand alone secondary barrier carpet, Boulevard 6000 also offers excellent resistance against the healthcare environment’s heavy pedestrian and trolley traffic.

In-keeping with the blue interior, Gradus Blue LED illuminated stair edgings were fitted on the main staircase of the MediCinema to highlight the step edge for patients and carers, when entering or exiting the cinema in darkened conditions during film performances. Gradus Blue LEDs were installed at the entrance to the cinema, at floor level along each wall, as additional guidance to seating areas.

Gradus LED lighting systems have been designed specifically to suit interior environments such as auditoria, where light is required for safety but should not detract from the primary function of the installation. By utilising LED lighting, the systems offer the best alternative illumination to natural light. The stair edgings are modular in design, making them quick and easy to install, and have been designed complete with end caps to provide a neat finish to the installation.

Christine Hill, chief executive of MediCinema, said: “As well as protecting access points from soil and moisture, the installation of Gradus matting ensures a safe and comfortable ride for patients through the lobby, and makes it easier for our volunteer porters who push the beds and wheel chairs into the cine ma. The Gradus Blue LEDs on the stair edgings and along the floor not only make it easier and safe for patients to enter and exit the cinema, it has also enhanced the big screen experience on an aesthetics level.”

Gradus Matting and Gradus Lighting is part of the Gradus Group, a leading contract interior finishes company who manufacture a comprehensive range of interior products for a variety of contract markets. Providing end users, designers, specifiers and contractors with a one-stop shop, Gradus’ offering is made up of core flooring accessories, entrance matting, wall protection and step and aisle lighting, as well as an extensive collection of premium and contract carpet ranges and upholstery and soft furnishing fabrics.

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