Gradus Goes Top of LRV Scale

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10 February 2010

Contract interiors specialist Gradus has added four new colours to its range of stair edgings in order to offer a greater choice of colour contrast to designers, specifiers and contractors.

Stair edgings must contrast to the surrounding floorcoverings by 30 points on the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) scale in line with guidelines in BS8300:2009 and Approved Document M of The Building Regulations 2000.

The method of measurement of LRVs has recently been standardised in BS8493:2008, which is great news for specifiers as previously two different scales of measurement were used. However, the revised method of measurement has re-positioned colours on the scale, which has resulted in the majority of floorcoverings, particularly carpets, being positioned at the lower end of the scale, typically with LRVs of 20 points or below. This means that the only way to achieve colour contrast is to choose a stair edging at the higher end of the LRV scale in the 40 and 50 point area.

Caroline Davies, Accessories Product Manager for Gradus, says “In light of the clarification on measuring LRVs, we have reviewed our colour offering for stair edgings to ensure that specifiers and designers have the best possible choice when selecting combinations of floorcoverings and stair edgings.

“We have also taken into account the trends in the market with neutral and natural colours, and have developed four new colours that complement a wide range of floorcoverings, whilst providing the necessary 30 points difference on the LRV scale.

“Our new colours are available in our XT range of stair edgings, offering the optimum solution for both contrast and slip-resistance. In addition, two of the colours are also available as Xtra-grip insert, which is ideal for use in interior environments where the risk of slip exists due to moisture contamination e.g. walked in rainwater on stair cases near entrances or spilt drinks on stairs near canteens or kitchens.”

The four new colours in the Gradus stair edging range are Clay, an earthy natural colour; Jade, a light green shade; Duckegg, a light blue/grey tone; and Sky, a light blue shade.

Gradus offers a comprehensive design guide and LRV test reports to help specifiers select products in line with BS8493:2008. Plus, the company has recently updated its RIBA approved CPD seminar on the specification of stair edgings to incorporate the requirements of the new standard.

To request the LRV advice sheets or any of the LRV specification resources, contact Gradus Customer Support on 01625 428922. More information can also be found at For further information on the Gradus range of stair edgings, please visit

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