20 October 2005

Gradus Fabrics has launched X-Static, an anti-bacterial fabric, to help healthcare authorities work to improve the safety and cleanliness of hospital and care home environments.

Available from August 2005, Gradus X-Static is constructed with pure silver yarns woven into a Trevira CS base and can naturally remove any micro-organisms that ‘land’ on the fabric. It works through ionisation, as the electron release of the silver has the effect of smothering any micro-organisms that cling to the X-Static fabric and performs best in the warm, moist areas, where bacteria likes to thrive.

To launch X-Static Gradus has taken the lead from other healthcare manufacturers on the use of silver, which has successfully been used in bandages and catheters where infection control is critical, and it is set to offer specifiers and end clients a natural, anti bacterial fabric with long term benefits in terms of performance, conductivity and anti-static properties.

Gradus X-Static offers unparalleled anti-bacterial performance and has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, including MRSA, within one hour of exposure. Healthcare authorities can also be confident that the performance of the silver yarn will not deteriorate, as it has been tested to 200 industrial wash cycles at 73°C, providing a permanent and durable solution over the lifetime of the fabric.

A unique advantage of X-Static, the Silver yarn provides visible protection and so removing doubt and offering total confidence and peace of mind to both healthcare staff and patients. The new range also boasts strong aesthetics, as any design from the Gradus Fabrics polyester ranges can be chosen and printed on one or both sides of the fabric, offering contractors and specifiers a solution, which can complement a wide range of interior designs schemes, as well as helping to combat infection.

For further information on X-Static or any of the Gradus products please call Gradus customer service on 01625 428922 or log onto

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