30 August 2007

Gradus Accessories has launched a second wave of XT aluminium stair edgings, in order to provide a complete family of stair edgings in the new design to meet the requirements of specifiers and contractors.

Based on the latest recommendations from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the guidance contained in Approved Document M (ADM) of The Building Regulations 2000, the Gradus XT range comprises slip-resistant inserts that extend around the leading edge of the star edging, ensuring maximum safety underfoot. The inserts in the XT range are held securely in place by a combination of a locking mechanism in the profile design, plus a specialist adhesive bond for additional strength.

The XT range also incorporates 55 mm treads and both 40mm and 55mm risers to meet the guidance in ADM to help building owners achieve an inclusive environment in line with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The second wave of XT stair edgings includes four double channel and two bullnose profiles, in addition to the eight existing profiles, and is offered with a wide range of coloured inserts in order to provide excellent colour contrast to the surrounding floorcoverings.

Lynette Bowden from Gradus Accessories said: “We are extremely pleased with the success of the product and are excited to be able to add new profiles to the range so soon. Feedback from specifiers and contractors has been very positive and reflects the importance that is placed on stair safety. With over 100 people dying and more than 100,000 being injured every year in the UK as a result of falls on non-domestic stairs, it is essential that Gradus continues to take into account latest research to stay ahead in this very important area.”

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