15 April 2008

Contract interiors specialist Gradus has supplied stair edgings from its Folotec range for ceramics to help create a safe learning environment at the new Clydebank College campus, which forms part of the Queen’s Quay Learning and Enterprise District riverside regeneration project.

Located on the bank of the River Clyde, the new £30million state-of-the-art college houses a construction and engineering workshop, a 130m2 conference suite and a commercial centre. Project Managers Turner and Townsend oversaw the building of the impressive three-storey campus on the 6 acre plot, after a decision by the College to move from its premises of 40 years in order to improve student facilities.

With the approval of main contractor HBG Construction, Gradus’ Folostair FSL stair edgings were fitted onto 9 ceramic staircases at the new campus, to help reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. The college also installed the optional aluminium riser cover to produce a stair edging measuring 55mm on both the tread and the riser, in line with the guidelines in Approved Document M of the Building Regulations 2000. Black pvc inserts were specified to highlight the edge of the steps and provide a visible contrast with the light grey tiles, helping the college to meet its duties under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The Folostair FSL stair edging comprises an aluminium base section and slip- resistant pvc insert, providing protection for the ceramic step and a neat finish. The insert can be replaced on site without disturbing the surrounding tile finish, making it ideal for applications subject to high volumes of foot traffic.

Flooring contractor Campbell McDougall of A De Cecco comments: “When specifying stair edging profiles for ceramic surfaces, it is crucial that the correct finish is achieved. As well as providing a clean and neat surface, the Folostair range from Gradus protects the ceramic step and improves stair safety by reducing the chance of slipping. The colour options available allow extra definition to the step edge, making it much easier to create an inclusive environment.”

Lynette Bowden, Marketing Manager for Gradus Accessories, adds: “We are pleased to have been involved in the construction of a college that marks the turning point in the regeneration and urban renewal of the Clyde River area. The new facilities will not only benefit college students and staff but the development has also created 200 extra jobs.”

Lynette continues: “Gradus has a proven record of producing products suitable for a variety of educational applications and is therefore pleased to have been involved in the development of a further education college of this size.”

The Folostair FSL stair edgings have been specifically designed for use with ceramics and are available with a choice of four insert colours; Cement Grey, Dark Beige, Black and Yellow to provide step edge definition in line with guidelines in Approved Document M, helping building owners meet their duties under the DDA.

For further information on the Gradus Folostair FSL range or any of the products in the Folotec range of profiles and movement joints for ceramics contact Gradus Customer Support on 01625 428922.

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