CHR110 Combination Rail

CHR110 Combination Rail
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The CHR110 is a modular system comprising an aluminium retainer, PVC-u cover and PVC-u accessories including returns, inside and outside corners and brackets. The easy-to-clean PVC-u covers and accessories are through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion and can be replaced in the event of damage caused by impact. The accessories feature closed slots to ensure they remain in place in the event of impact and are supplied with black reveals in an anti-bacterial finish to provide neat, smooth joints.

The handrail element of the CHR110 features a 38mm diameter and incorporates a thumb groove to offer a comfortable grip in line with guidance, whilst the PVC-u covers and accessories are available in 32 colour options to allow visual contrast to be achieved (note: the CHR110 mounting bracket is supplied in the colour 002 Gravel only).

Note: Handrails and combination rails need to be easily identified and located for support and wayfinding and should be selected in a colour that has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) that is 30 points different from the surrounding surface. All Gradus handrail colours have been measured to provide LRVs to provide the specifier with the information required to ensure a suitable visual contrast is achieved.


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  • 001 Chalk
  • 002 Gravel
  • 003 Clay
  • 004 Granite
  • 005 Shale
  • 006 Ivory
  • 007 Wicker
  • 008 Sand
  • 009 Sienna
  • 010 Bark
  • 011 Pebble
  • 013 Greige
  • 014 Cinnamon
  • 016 Glacier
  • 018 Azure
  • 020 Denim
  • 021 Straw
  • 024 Bamboo
  • 028 Poppy
  • 030 Iris
  • 031 Alum
  • 032 Flint
  • 033 Slate
  • 035 Hessian
  • 040 Lychee
  • 041 Terracotta
  • 042 Mulberry
  • 043 Mimosa
  • 044 Sage
  • 045 Fern
  • 046 Indigo
  • 048 Lagoon
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