CGH5090 High Impact PVC-u Corner Guard

CGH5090 High Impact PVC-u Corner Guard
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Gradus High Impact PVC-u corner guards are ideal for protecting one of the most vulnerable parts of a building from damage caused by everyday wheeled and pedestrian traffic. They are ideal for reducing maintenance costs and maintaining interior appearances and can be combined with other Gradus protection products to provide a complete solution.

The Gradus CGH5090 High Impact PVC-u corner guard features a 50mm wing and a 90° angle. It is available in 6 standard height options and is supplied in kit form with a pre-cut aluminium or PVC-u retainer, PVC-u cover and finishing caps. It can also be cut down on-site to suit specific requirements with additional finishing caps available to order.

The aluminium retainer option provides rigid support for weaker substrates against high impact damage caused by wheeled traffic. The PVC-u retainer option is suitable for gently undulating substrates due to it's added flexibility, It is made from up to 100% recycled waste material produced in the Gradus manufacturing plant. The PVC-u cover is through coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion and are easily replaceable in the event of damage.

The CGH5090 is available in 33 colour options to either contrast or blend with the surrounding wall surfaces.

Gradus BIM LogoBIM objects provide accurate, up-to-date product information to build into projects. Gradus High Impact Corner Guards are available to download as BIM objects - click here.


  • 038 Polar
  • 001 Chalk
  • 002 Gravel
  • 003 Clay
  • 004 Granite
  • 005 Shale
  • 006 Ivory
  • 007 Wicker
  • 008 Sand
  • 009 Sienna
  • 010 Bark
  • 011 Pebble
  • 013 Greige
  • 014 Cinnamon
  • 016 Glacier
  • 018 Azure
  • 020 Denim
  • 021 Straw
  • 024 Bamboo
  • 028 Poppy
  • 030 Iris
  • 031 Alum
  • 032 Flint
  • 033 Slate
  • 035 Hessian
  • 036 Black
  • 040 Lychee
  • 041 Terracotta
  • 042 Mulberry
  • 043 Mimosa
  • 044 Sage
  • 045 Fern
  • 046 Indigo
  • 048 Lagoon
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