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SFBT29/AFT3912 is a twin top, two-part flooring transition profile with a single base, ideal for retro-fitting, from the Luxury Trim System (LTS) range.

SFBT29/AFT3912 provides a safe transition betweenfloorcoverings of 12mm thickness e.g. carpet/carpet tile, ceramics, wood or wood laminate. When using LTS with carpet, the compressed thickness of the carpet should always be a tight fit to the internal gauge of the combined top/base profile.

When installed with ceramics, wood or wood laminate flooring a suitable gap must be left between the profile base and the flooring to allow for natural expansion.

LTS is made up of 3 components: solid brass top, PVC-u connector and aluminium base. The top and PVC-u connector are pre-assembled.

Tops & bases are supplied separately in lengths of 0.9m and 2.715m.

The base is available with or without carpet gripper.

The LTS range is ideal for premium interior applications, to create an ultra modern finish in areas subject to medium traffic levels, such as hotels, offices and retail.

The profile is available in six premium finishes: Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Brushed Stainless Steel, Pearl Nickel, Satin Nickel and Polished Brass.


  • Polished Chrome - LTS
  • Satin Chrome - LTS
  • Brushed Stainless Steel - LTS
  • Pearl Nickel - LTS
  • Satin Nickel - LTS
  • Polished Brass - LTS
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