Gradus Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Information


The Gradus products listed below are considered to be ‘articles’ (or finished products) that do not and cannot pose a risk in that they cannot be ingested, inhaled or absorbed into the body.

As such, under the current REACH guidelines, they do not require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Gradus Flooring Accessories
(including stair edgings; transition strips; skirtings, cappings & covings;
expansion joint covers; and other associated products for stairs and floors)

Gradus Barrier Matting Systems

Gradus Wall Protection Systems

Gradus Floorcoverings

Gradus LED Lighting Systems


Further information on Safety Data Sheet requirements can be found in the UK REACH Competent Authority Information Leaflet Number 13 – Safety Data Sheets Nov 2012 

This can be downloaded from