Gradus Updates Carpet Collection Brochure

Carpet Collection Brochure - Second Edition
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12 September 2012

Edition 2 of the new carpet collection brochure contains helpful advice and product recommendations, as well as a comprehensive overview of each range in Gradus’ carpet portfolio.

Each carpet range is illustrated by an installation photograph and accompanied by details on the full colour range, specification information, recommended installation methods, Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) and BREEAM assessment rating.

New additions to the brochure include the new Wall Street range as well as a new section on the Emphasis range which both feature excellent new photography and inspirational floor design illustrations. 

The updated brochure also includes a helpful colour symbol at the top of each product page to indicate the format availability. 

Karen Burman, Floorcoverings Product Manager for Gradus, said: “Our updated carpet collection brochure now includes all of the ranges in our extensive carpet portfolio. The striking installation photography demonstrates exactly how each range can be used on its own, or with other ranges from the collection, to create a unique design scheme. The technical information included also makes the new brochure an ideal reference tool for specifiers.” 

To request a copy of the updated carpet collection brochure from Gradus, please contact Technical Support on 01625 428922.  For further information visit