Don’t Come Unstuck

05 December 2013


Flooring and accessories specialist Gradus advises that care should be taken when selecting adhesives for all flooring accessories, particularly pvc products such as skirtings. 

If the adhesive chosen is not compatible with the product being installed then an installation failure is highly likely to occur. This may not be immediately obvious, as the immediate adhesion may seem sound and incompatibilities between adhesives and the products they are fixing may not show themselves for several months.

The key to selecting adhesives is to ensure that they have been tested by the adhesive manufacturer and are backed by the manufacturer for use with the products in question. If the products are then installed in line with both the product and adhesive manufacturers’ guidance then there should be no problem with the installation. If there are subsequent issues the flooring contractor will get support from both the product and adhesive manufacturer.

Gradus warns that using adhesives that are not backed by the adhesive manufacturer puts the responsibility on to the flooring contractor, therefore leaving them responsible for any subsequent failures.

So don’t take the risk. Make sure that the adhesives you use have been tested for use with the flooring accessories you are installing. Gradus installation instructions include details of recommended adhesives, all of which have been fully tested by the manufacturers. Recommended brands include F Ball & Co Ltd, Tremco and UZIN.

Gradus installation instructions can be downloaded from the Gradus website – – or can be requested by calling Gradus Technical Support free on 0800 021 4534.