CXT Aluminium


Gradus CXT stair edgings (nosings) retain all the existing benefits of XT with the addition of new features that offer improved performance when used in areas where more intensive cleaning is required e.g. healthcare and education applications.

A new, unique locking mechanism secures the insert in place without the need for adhesive, offering a robust solution for this type of environment in addition to reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls on stairs.

Aluminium CXT profiles have been designed specifically for use with ceramics, stone and marble with an extended perforated flange that beds into the adhesive at the same time that the flooring is installed to provide a secure fixing. CXT profiles are available with a choice of slip-resistant inserts that extend around the leading edge of the stair edging to ensure that foor contact is always made with the slip-resistant element of the stair edging.

Slip-resistant inserts are available for both interior dry and interior wet conditions (environments where there is a risk of the stair edging becoming wet from either spillage or tracked in moisture e.g. steps close to entrances, near canteens or food/vending areas).

Select Interior insert for dry conditions and  Xtra-grip for areas at risk of becoming wet and/or subject to more frequent cleaning such as catering and food preparation areas.

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Gradus BIM objects provide up-to-date, accurate product data providing the relevant technical information to build into projects. All CXT stair edgings are available to download as BIM objects.

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10mm gauge with 58.5mm tread & 55mm riser.



12.5mm gauge with 58.5mm tread & 55mm riser.



15mm gauge with 58.5mm tread & 55mm riser.

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